What is physiotherapy?


Physiotherapy is a paramedical profession that works with specific means in order to improve functioning of the human musculoskeletal system. The passive means are hands-on techniques. Machines being used are ultrasound and electrical impulses. The active parts are exercise and physical activity to train physiological qualities like coordination, flexibility, stamina and power.


What is Manual Therapy? 


Manual Therapy is a specialization for Physiotherapists to examine the function of the musculoskeletal system in more detail. It aims to find the “cause of the cause” of a disease or malfunction, testing e.g. the mobility of a nerve and the effectiveness of an applied technique  by re-assessment. Manual Therapy is also using Manipulation of joints and is open to different methods like deep tissue massage. I am working with the Maitland© Concept.


What if I do not know whether this will be helpful for my condition?


You can book a free consultation where you can explain your symptoms and we will give our opinion on whether Physiotherapy or Manual Therapy is appropriate.


Does a patient have an influence on the treatment?


Yes. We only treat with your consent. If you fear part of the treatment technique, you can let us know any time. We fully understand concerns and there are always different options and alternative "routes" to reach the same results.


Can I choose my therapist?


Yes. Just let us know when you book an appointment


Do you provide home visits?


Yes, we do home visits. The fee depends on the time needed to reach your home.


What do I wear?


A t-shirt and leggings are suitable for most treatments. But we respect any culture or personal preference, so you decide which "dress code" is most suitable for you.


Can I come with a friend/family member or child?


Yes. But in case of a child, it should be able to entertain itself so that you can concentrate on the therapy process.


Does my insurance cover the costs?


Most international insurances cover the costs. Please ask your provider about their conditions. Some demand a prescription letter from a doctor. You have to pay cash and with the receipt you can reclaim the expenses.