Manual Therapy

​​Manual therapy is concept which assesses e.g. the function of muscles, nerves, joints and other tissue to evidence deeper causes of dysfunction and the relationship of affected tissues. With specific "hands-on-techniques" manual therapy intends to improve the functionality of these structures.

Personal Training

​​Individual goals can be reached best with an individual training program. This should be monitored, adjusted and re-evaluated regularly. Improvements are possible at any stage of life. Next to physical activity, diet advise can be an important complementary.

Sport Physiotherapy

Sport physio-therapy is suitable for all people who intend to improve their fitness level, from beginners to professional athletes. Based on tests of different physical capacities like output and anaerobic threshold we suggest individual plans in order to effectively help you to meet your personal goals.

Rehabilitation Services

​​After a stroke, an operation or recovery from a traumatic event physiotherapy can help to restore and improve physiological functions through passive and active therapy as well as advice for an adequate handling of the affected areas.

Medical Rehab. Training (MRT)

The resources of our body to recover from dysbalances and injuries can be helped with a structured, functional training. The concept is based on scientific principles, focussing on all qualities of function such as coordination, power, stamina, mobility and elasticity.

Our Health Perspecitve

Our body has a wide range of self-regulating mechanisms. But when they run short, professional help is required. Manual Techniques can help to optimize the internal regulation system. We try to identify external and internal factors which limitate the auto-regulation in order to eliminate them for a lasting effect.